Caribbean Claims is a licensed and bonded public adjusting firm locally owned and operated on St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands. We assist property and business owners in their VI property insurance loss assessment to get the settlement they deserve.


Maya holds a Master of Public Health degree, with a concentration in Complex Emergencies and Disasters, from Tulane University. After the 2005 tsunami, Maya worked for the World Food Program in Sri Lanka. After Hurricane Katrina, Maya managed a non-profit that assessed community needs in New Orleans, LA. She then went on to work for The Policy & Research Group, where she evaluated post-Hurricane Katrina disaster recovery work.  Maya became a licensed public adjuster in 2014 after moving back to her home island of St. John, Virgin Islands.




Kevin spent seven years as a self-employed subcontractor in the roofing industry. Kevin was living in New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast, after which he entered the roofing business full time. In addition to New Orleans, Kevin has also participated in post-disaster related restoration work in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Austin and El Paso, Texas.

The majority of the post-disaster work that Kevin completed required him to file insurance claims and negotiate with insurance companies on behalf of his customers.